Who the Hell is this Cheri?!?!

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If you have ever posted anything on any of the social community sites (Craigslist, Backpage, Kiijji, eBay) you will sooner or later get an email response from a a person that usually makes no sense whatsoever and always includes a picture with an email address for you to respond to.

For example:

Now, I know this is some sort of SPAM fishing email that wants to snare you into some devious, evil, trap therefore I have never responded to the email pictured. But, I really want to know who the woman behind the little signs is. Actually, I really don’t want to know her, I want to know what she really looks like. I mean, come on… take a look at that chest!!! She reaches out of the computer screen every time she emails me and hypnotizes me with her enormous endowments.

From what I can tell in the pictures is that she must be in her early 20’s, about 5’2″ to 5’6″, somewhere between 110-120lbs, and due to skin tone and fingernail shade I am willing to bet that she is either a natural blonde or a ginger.

Yes… I am obsessed but I will not fall into her devious trap. She will not get my email.

Yes, I am weird… but someone has to ask these questions.

Trying this whole iPad blogging thingy

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So I decided to test this whole iPad blogging and see if it’s actually feasible to use the iPad to create, author, edit, and maintain a blog. This would have to include picture editing and FTP uploading. Most of these things are easily done with existing apps but until iOS4 comes to the iPad it should be interesting to see how easily it can be done without having multiple-tasking or app switching.

First thing I have noticed is the ability to type on the iPad is quite fast but anyone who has used the iPad should already know this.

I plan to list all apps that I have used that seem to make blogging easier. So far I have used a WordPress app, a text app, a Dropbox app, a photo editing app, an FTP app, and a photo/file transfer app to move items between the iPad and my PC. I am sure more are coming as I play with this.

This should be fun.

I am back…

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After more than a year I decided to bring back my blog. Restoring it was actually really easy and I was happy that i did not lose any of my old posts…until I realized that I deleted my image folder. DUH!!!!

Not sure if I will be able to restore all the images but I will give it a try. If I can’t I will chalk it up to a learning experience and move on.

I will definitely restore the remuxing guide even if  I have to re-create each of the images one-by-one.

OMFG!!! Twitter is down! The sky is falling!

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I couldn’t help myself thinking about all these people trying to figure out what to do for the next hour or so now that Twitter is down.


To the Associated Press (AP) – Here’s your sign.

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Another sign that the people in charge are so out of touch that they do not know what planet they are on.

It seems that the Associated Press (AP) is threatening to sue a Tennessee Country radio station for embedding an AP YouTube channel video on their web page. One small problem here (actually two of them), the radio station is an AP affiliate. Furthermore, the AP has enabled embedding on the YouTube channel so anyone can embed their videos on ANY web site or blog.


Here are the two stories:

So in the spirit of “Sticking it to the man” I will embed one of the AP’s YouTube videos. Why? Cause they allow it.

Trying a new WordPress theme

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I thought it was about time to try a new WordPress theme. I am partial to dark themes so that style will remain.

Getting back to a daily routine

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This weekend and Monday I will be getting back to my routine of Blu-ray reviews (min-reviews) and other Misc. PC related stuff.

I have a backlog of about 50-75 movies that I have to watch and review so I should be busy…if you want to call that busy.

Life gets in the way. Even in blogging.

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Sometimes you have to take a step back and get your priorities in order.

Blogging will resume soon.

The polls open in 8 hours

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I will be at my local precint first thing in the morning. I figure it will take 3 hours to vote. At least.

It’s worth it America!


Busy, busy, busy

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I’ve been a busy little boy and have neglected my blogging duties.

I will soon post details on my projects as they will make for some interesting topics.

Does the world need another blog?

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Probably. Probably not. There are million of blogs out there so why is this one different? First, its got a catchy domain name and secondly, its my blog and I find it cathartic to vent my everyday life online. This is not my first blog but it should be the most fun since it has no limits to what I can blog.

Why? Cause there is no central theme that I have to follow. I can get on my soapbox and rant about anything, everything, or nothing. And believe you me, I will.