Google artwork pt.3

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The Paddington Bear turns 50! You never looked better.


I would so buy this

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This is a concept vehicle from Peugeot’s scooter division. Will we ever see this on the streets? Probably not but the fact that they came up with the idea is pretty good sign that we may see something like it soon.

For more details, go to Hell for Leather’s site.



Kill all the lawyers

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I was browsing one of my favorite sites, Format War Central, and they posted this tidbit about the upcoming Sleeping Beauty Blu-ray disk.

It seems that in the infinite wisdom of Disney lawyers, they have added 120 pages of legal jumbo-mumbo (otherwise known as the EULA) to the disk and you have to agree to it before you can play the disk.

Hey Disney!!! Do you actually think anyone is going to read that crap?

Can’t quite put my finger on it…

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Blackberry is feeling the heat from the iPhone’s rising popularity. But the upcoming Blackberry Storm’s user interface looks a bit too familiar. I just can’t quite put my finger on it.


I am sure that some art department designer out there will probably lose his job today for this idiotic mistake but come on!!! Could you make it any more obvious.

I am sure this Vodafone page will disappear (or at least be changed) soon so I made a screencap for prosperity.

Blackberry iphone

Phoenix is now a one-newspaper town. Very sad.

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Today, The East Valley Tribune announced that it would lay-off 142 employees, 40% of their staff, and cut back to a 4-day-a-week free printed publication. The online edition will continue.

This announcement makes Phoenix officially a one newspaper town. The Arizona Republic will remain the only major newspaper serving the Phoenix area including the East Valley.

Nothing good comes from a one-newspaper town.

Very sad day indeed.

While on the subject of fiber

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Have you heard of Lipozene or seen the commercials?

If you have seen the TV commercials for this stuff (I won’t even call it a supplement since they do not deserve to be called that) you would be led to believe that this stuff will burn fat by doing nothing at all except for taking this product. Yes, in fine print and in passing they mention a moderate diet and exercise but it is so quick that its lost in the main message.

Then when you do research on this product, and lets be honest how many of you actually do research on these type of products, you will discover that the only active ingredient is fiber.


You mean they are selling fiber as a fat loss aid? Yes they are and they are right. Fiber can, and usually does, help with fat loss. But what they fail to mention, other than the fact that their product is fiber, is the fact that the fiber they use is readily available at most health stores as a supplement at a much lower cost per serving.

The active ingredient in Lipozene is glucomannan, a well known dietary fiber supplement that has been used by Asian cuisine as a food additive (or main ingredient) for centuries. It is common to find noodles and some pastas made completely from glucomannan and sold as diet (fat loss) food. Some Asian noodles do not even mention diet benefits and just sold due to its mild neutral taste.

So what is my issue with Lipozene?

Let’s look at the Lipozene packaging and we will see that each dosage is 1500mg and since each dosage is 2 capsules we can assume that each capsule is 750mg. The recommended usage for Lipozene is 3 times a day for a total 6 capsules. Each bottle has 60 capsules for a grand total of 10 days worth. Lipozene sells for $30 for each bottle but they throw in a free bottle the first time you order. So lets forget about the free bottle and you are back to $30 per bottle for 10 days. A months worth will cost you $90 plus shipping and handling.

So Lipozene will cost you $90 every single month.

Let’s look at the alternatives. If Lipozene is just glucomannan then any other supplement that contains glucomannan will suffice so here is a brand name (NOW) glucomannan supplement. This product has 180 capsules, each capsules has 525mg of glucomannan. Their suggested dosage is 3 capsules which gets you to 1725mg per serving versus 1500mg with Lipozene. At 3 dosages a day this bottle will get you 20 days worth per bottle. And the price? You guessed it. A lot lower than Lipozene. NOW glucomannan is $9.25 per bottle.

So let’s see… Lipozene for one month is $90. NOW glucomannan for one month is about $12. Lipozene is 1500mg, NOW glucomannan is 1725mg.

Do I even have to explain why Lipozene is such a scam? And before any Lipozene users begin to tell me that Lipozene is much better quality than NOW let me add this. Which of the two companies, NOW or Lipozene’s parent company, Obesity Research Institute, has been fined by the FTC for misleading and deceptive claims on two different products that also contained glucomannan?

Get you glucomannan cheap here.

Let’s talk about fiber

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Here’s a subject most people really don’t talk about when talking about diets and fat burning;  Fiber.

I sometimes find that people spend so much time worrying about carbs, protein, and fats that they overlook one of the most important links in their diet chain.

The RDA (recommended daily allowance) for dietary fiber is between 25-38grams. Men are supposed to get more than women but I am not sure why that is.

Either way, I can tell you that no one gets anywhere near that much fiber each and every day. To tell you the truth I have done the math and it would be nearly impossible to get the RDA of dietary fiber with foods alone. It is possible but very difficult.

So various dietary fiber supplements are needed by most people to reach their RDA. I personally like psyllium husk powder. Products like Metamucil are an excellent source of Psyllium but I prefer the raw no favored kind and add my own flavor. Not only that but it is much cheaper if you get non-flavored stuff and mix it with sugar free Crystal Light or whatever favorite juice you want.

My favorite is NOW Psyllium Husk Powder in the 340gram bottle. It’s under $5 per bottle and it will last you anywhere between 15-30 days depending on how many dosages you take a day. Since I found that my normal dietary fiber intake was lacking with regular food I supplement it with two servings, one around noon and one at bed time. Each serving gives you almost 7 grams of pure dietary fiber. It may not taste the best and the consistency may take some time to get used to but it is by far the best stuff.

If you do go with the raw psyllium powder I want to stress that you need to take it with plenty of liquid; Twelve (12) ounces of water, juice, liquid at a minimum. Not only that, but you need to drink at least 6-8 (12ounce) glasses of water throughout the day. I usually drink between 1-1.5 gallons a day so I never worry about it but for those of you that are not used to drinking lots of water you better get used to it. Oh, and no…sodas do not count in those totals.

So why is dietary fiber so important? The main reason is that it keeps you regular. Trust me, once you become regular you will realize how better you feel. Not only that, but dietary fiber helps your body more easily digest your food and process all the good stuff (vitamins, minerals, etc) and helps push out all the bad stuff that you don’t need.

But one of the most surprising things that I discovered is the fact that fiber intake DOES help in the fat burning process by keeping your system running efficiently and digesting food properly. If your body is spending less time and effort trying to digest food it will spend more time burning fat.

Get your Psyllium powder or any other nutritional supplement at

VidaOne coming to the iPhone

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I got this email today from VidaOne and it makes me very happy.

Many, many of you are asking about the iPhone. We’re currently working on MyPersonalDiet for the iPhone, which should be available in December. Shortly afterwards, we plan to release MySportTraining for the iPhone. This will be followed by a Mac OS X version of VidaOne Diet & Fitness in Spring/Summer 2009.

VidaOne and the MyPersonalDiet and MySportsTraining software on the WindowsMobile platform is the de-facto standard for fitness and diet software. An iPhone version of both of this apps would make the iPhone a very incredible tool for fitness and nutrition freaks out there.

I can’t wait and I will the very first one to buy this when it comes out.