Day #3 Desert Classic 7.14 Miles

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Ride Time: 1:23:17 (+30:53)
Stopped Time: 10:04
Distance: 7.14 miles (+2.54)
Average: 5.21 mph (-0.06)
Fastest Speed: 20.19 mph (+1.94)
Behind Best Ride: 30:57
Ascent: 253 feet
Descent: 276 feet
Calories: 1192 (+456)
Average Heart Rate: 148 bpm (+2)

Day #2 Desert Classic 4.60 Miles

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Ride Time: 52:20 (+2:17)
Stopped Time: 0:00
Distance: 4.60 miles (+0.97)
Average: 5.27 mph (+0.93)
Fastest Speed: 18.25 mph (+2.24)
Behind Best Ride: 2:13
Ascent: 233 feet
Descent: 247 feet
Calories: 736
Average Heart rate: 146bpm (+6)

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Day #1 Desert Classic 3.63 Miles

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Ride Time: 50:07
Stopped Time: 2:57
Distance: 3.63 miles
Average: 4.34 mph
Fastest Speed: 16.01 mph
Ascent: 242 feet
Descent: 213 feet
Calories: 653
Average Heart rate: 140bpm

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Who the Hell is this Cheri?!?!

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If you have ever posted anything on any of the social community sites (Craigslist, Backpage, Kiijji, eBay) you will sooner or later get an email response from a a person that usually makes no sense whatsoever and always includes a picture with an email address for you to respond to.

For example:

Now, I know this is some sort of SPAM fishing email that wants to snare you into some devious, evil, trap therefore I have never responded to the email pictured. But, I really want to know who the woman behind the little signs is. Actually, I really don’t want to know her, I want to know what she really looks like. I mean, come on… take a look at that chest!!! She reaches out of the computer screen every time she emails me and hypnotizes me with her enormous endowments.

From what I can tell in the pictures is that she must be in her early 20’s, about 5’2″ to 5’6″, somewhere between 110-120lbs, and due to skin tone and fingernail shade I am willing to bet that she is either a natural blonde or a ginger.

Yes… I am obsessed but I will not fall into her devious trap. She will not get my email.

Yes, I am weird… but someone has to ask these questions.

Does the iPad really need TWO cameras?

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After seeing this article which says the new generation iPad 2 is rumored to have not only one but two cameras (one rear and one front facing) I began to think to myself… Self, does that even make sense?

Yeah, I agree that having a front facing camera on the iPad would make sense for Facetime and the rear facing camera would make it easy for taking pictures but the question that needs to be asked, at least by me, is…Do you really want to use an iPad as a camera or as a video conference device?

I am willing to bet that most iPad owners, like myself, are also iPhone owners and that already has both cameras for both functions and they work quite well. I just can’t see myself holding up my iPad and taking a picture of a landscape or a group of people. The iPhone is a lot easier and convenient to do that. Facetime on the other hand would be real cool on the iPad since I find it easier to hold than the iPhone when I use it (the iPhone) for Facetime.

So my opinion is that it makes a lot more sense for the upcoming iPad 2 to have a front-facing camera only and for Apple to create a built in, and effortless, method to transfer pictures from the iPhone to the iPad so that the iPod is your primary picture taking device.

But what do I know?

BTW… still working on my iPad blogging guide…or at least if I can do one without killing it first.

Trying this whole iPad blogging thingy

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So I decided to test this whole iPad blogging and see if it’s actually feasible to use the iPad to create, author, edit, and maintain a blog. This would have to include picture editing and FTP uploading. Most of these things are easily done with existing apps but until iOS4 comes to the iPad it should be interesting to see how easily it can be done without having multiple-tasking or app switching.

First thing I have noticed is the ability to type on the iPad is quite fast but anyone who has used the iPad should already know this.

I plan to list all apps that I have used that seem to make blogging easier. So far I have used a WordPress app, a text app, a Dropbox app, a photo editing app, an FTP app, and a photo/file transfer app to move items between the iPad and my PC. I am sure more are coming as I play with this.

This should be fun.

I am back…

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After more than a year I decided to bring back my blog. Restoring it was actually really easy and I was happy that i did not lose any of my old posts…until I realized that I deleted my image folder. DUH!!!!

Not sure if I will be able to restore all the images but I will give it a try. If I can’t I will chalk it up to a learning experience and move on.

I will definitely restore the remuxing guide even if  I have to re-create each of the images one-by-one.

Malibu has a dirty little secret

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I am amazed that this is 2009 and they are still talking about this. I began surfing Malibu in 1985 and everyone knew then Malibu Surfrider is the most polluted beach in all of California. I have gotten sick numerous times surfing there and I know of at least 3 people that almost died due to complications that were largely caused by the polluted water at Surfrider beach. (LINK BELOW)

Surfrider Beach Making People Sick

These will kick your ass

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I have been doing these for years. Funny that I found a YouTube video with one of my favorite TV personalities. Trust me, do a whole 10-set of these and you will throw up.

Hey AT&T, Tether this…

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So I sat with bated breath during Apple’s WWDC to hear an announcement about PC/Mac tethering with the upcoming iPhone OS 3. Tethering for those that don’t know is the ability to share/use the phone’s internet connection through your PC/Mac. This is a great tool when you cannot find a WiFi connection.

So during the WWDC keynote speech it was announced that iPhone OS 3 would have the ability to tether to you PC/Mac and that 25 carriers would support it. Except for one HUGE exception… AT&T. Not only does AT&T not support tethering but they also delayed the ability to use the MMS feature in OS 3.

AT&T went on the record saying tethering & MMS would be allowed at a later date but let me decipher AT&T’s definition of “later date”. Basically they are trying to figure out how much extra to charge us for both features. Some have said that tethering will cost between $40-70 extra a month. I can understand $20-25/month for tethering but $40-70? That is a higher price than what you would pay if you just got a broadband USB card and signed up for a 2-year contract. WTF?!?!

So I am fed up with AT&T and their never ending price gouging so I am going to stick it to the “Man”.

I have jailbroken my iPhone and installed PdaNet (link) and I am tethering for the one time price of $30. You could actually use PdaNet for free if the only thing you want use it for is web browsing (the un-registered version is limited to http traffic only). It does have a 14-day trial for you to see all features and see if you want to pay for it.

You can use PdaNet in two ways; WiFi or USB tethering. With WiFi you are basically turning your iPhone into a de facto wireless router. You create a ad-hoc network connection and you are set. I prefer USB tethering since WiFi will drain your battery extremely fast and with USB the drain will be slower as your iPhone is being recharged via the USB at the same time that you are tethering. USB tethering is only supported on Windows right now but I am sure that a Mac solution will be coming soon.

IMG_0002 IMG_0001

How fast is the connection while tethering? See for yourself:


Download speeds are great but do not try to upload big files or you will waiting a very long time.

Microsoft can do commercials. Search engines, not so much.

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You have to hand it to Microsoft. They sure can make great commercials. Their search engines…not so good.

Mini Review – Monsters Inc. Blu-ray (IMPORT)

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Monsters Inc. was scheduled to be released in the US last month alongside with A Bug’s Life. For some unexplained reason it was cancelled and pushed back to either Sept., Dec. or even 2010 depending on who you ask. In Japan, it was released last week and in the UK it will be released in July.

So, I bit down and went to and ordered it with several other titles not yet available in the US. This set me back about $50-55 with shipping for this title alone. The main menu is in Japanese so they will be hard to navigate. I will not spoil the fun but the first option is the “Play Main movie” and the third option is the Chapters selection with small thumbnails. I will let you explore the rest. It’s fun trying to guess what comes with each menu.

In few words, the video transfer is pretty much perfect. The colors and saturation is beyond beautiful. I would even venture to say that it may be better than A Bug’s Life. The 1.85:1 transfer comes in AVC that averages about 31.76Mbps. The total disk is 28.65GB in a dual layer.

The audio is as good as the picture. The main audio track is a stunning 24bit/48kHz DTS-MA English track that comes in at about 4060kbps. There is also a Japanese DTS-ES track at about 1509kbps and also a commentary track in standard DD 2.0 at 192kbps. With the DTS-MA you will be treated with a full rich audio experience that will envelope you in goodness. The room of doors scene is by far the best use of rear channels that I found in the movie.

(Click to see full version PNG’s)















Now this video makes sense.

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“Total Eclipse of the Heart” is a brilliant, beautiful song but the video was all sorts of wacked. This version really makes me understand what all that craziness was about.

HP Mac Mini is as easy as one, two, three

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Picture 1

Well, after my wife took control of the Dell Mini 9 that she bought me (she played with it for 10 minutes and declared it hers), I went out and got the HP Mini 1000 (the 1033CL model from Costco) and after I played with it for a few hours I knew that I wanted to install OS X on it as soon as possible.

Yes I know that it violates Apple’s EULA but if hey would give us a 10” Netbook I would not have to do his. Really Apple. How hard can it be to do? I know you (actually, Steve Jobs) claim that all Netbooks are junk but the HP Mini is a fine piece of laptop hardware.

So after a little bit of research I found the perfect guide (link) that made installing Mac OS X on my HP Mini as easy as I could have imagined. It does take a few hours and it requires a few technical steps but the rewards are more than worth it. The guide was written by bobbypotluck over at and he has added information at this thread. He also has a great video that goes step-by-step for the first part of the install.

So far, everything seems to be working on the HP Mini (HP Mac Mini now) and I did not experience any snags when I followed the guide above.

I’ve joined the Netbook craze

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Wife bought me a Dell Mini 9 Netbook as an early B-day gift. This little thing is very cool but it requires some minor upgrades to make them more usable in my mind. First thing was the RAM upgrade from 512MB to 2GB. That was a small $25 upgrade and it took less than to 2 minutes to do. Next comes the hard drive (or Solid State Drive in this case) upgrade from the puny 8GB to a speedy 64GB SSD. That one, ironically, will cost more than the Mini 9 itself. Damn, these SSD’s are expensive. $220 for 64GB!!!

Then comes the biggest decision of them all… should I keep running XP or install Mac OS X. The Dell Mini 9 is one of the best Netbooks to install Mac OS X on. It pretty much runs natively with very little tweaking. Everything on it works without any major effort. As much as I love OS X, I still like the options and application options that XP has. I may do a double boot system OS X/XP but from what I have read it will take some tweaking and work for the Mini 9 to flawlessly boot into both with a single boot option.

Decisions, decisions.